The BIG Difference
For years the basic standard of teaching swimming answered only to the system designed and executed by the Red Cross. However, the top-tier swimming that is found at the competitive levels has evolved well beyond what this system has to offer its students. The cutting-edge fluid mechanics of the strokes that are so readily evident in the Olympic competitions are lost upon this system of teaching. The techniques that the Olympians use, however, are every bit as applicable and useful to a two-year old as they are to a top level athlete, and as a benefit, the more a child understands about how to move efficiently in the water the safer he or she is. Bearing these things in mind, the answer becomes clear: change the system of instruction to reflect the latest understanding of what is the most efficient way to swim.

Founded by former athletes and coaches, Little Strokes has effectively done this with a unique progression system developed from years of teaching, combined with Little Strokes open secret: the most experienced and qualified instructors in the business. Being able to boast teachers who are themselves; athletes, coaches, and teachers, means that the instructors not only have the tools to teach the science of swimming, but the fundamental understanding to realize its potential in every child.